Month: Februar 2011

Handling keyboard shortcuts in Zimbra Zimlets

This one took me even longer then the part with the tabs, but I finally got keyboard shortcuts in my own zimlet working. If you still don’t know, what zimbra is, read my [blog post about tab navigation in zimlet]( to get to know it. Again following [[|Ross Dargahi’s blog post]] I finally understood how Read More

Tab Navigation in Zimbra Zimlets

I fought hard with this one. Ross Dargahi wrote in the official [[|Zimbra blog]] about the [[|Keyboard navigation features]] in Kabuki, one of many names of the Zimbra javascript framework. In case you didn’t know: [[|Zimbra]] is a great groupware with open source building blocks and **a lot** of integration features. A „Zimlet“ is one Read More

Running jslint with rhino from the command line

I love **JSLint**. It’s a tool, that every language should have. It defines its own coding style, no doubt. But I like that style as its clean, crisp and small at a time. [[|Douglas Crockford]], the inventor of JSLint and living „Java Script machine“, has put up this wonderful little site, [[]], around the Java-Script-Function Read More