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A better Teamcity REST Api documentation

Jetbrains Teamcity is a brilliant continuous integration and deployment platform. Being a modern platform, it also provides a REST api. But sadly, the API documentation is, well… something. But it seems, as if Jetbrains is getting there. There’s an undocumented endpoint in the API, that provides a swagger API description file. So, until Jetbrains hosts Read More

Promising to node-rest-client

I’m currently in love with Promises. Somehow, only now I get the main concept behind that and the benefits. Mainly, because most of the documentation is a bit too detailed about that. Let me sum it up for you: If you’re developing asynchronous Javascript (which you should be, when you’re actually developing Javascript!), most of Read More

ZmPublish is reborn

Perhaps you have heard of a little script of mine called „ZmPublish“, that publishes [[http://www.zimbra.com|Zimbra]] addressbooks to a LDAP server. If you do or if you’re interested now I’d like to tell you, that the old ZmPublish doesn’t exist anymore and it is **REBORN**. The old version used Zimbra’s REST interface to fetch VCards for Read More