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The road to Zimbra 8.5

I’m currently migrating my 8.0.6 (yes, I skipped the 8.0.7 for no apparent reason!) setup to the current 8.5 and these are some notes about the changes I found: ===== Systems administrators ===== * The localconfig-variable „postfix_virtual_alias_maps“ (that allows you to alter the postfix setting „virtual_alias_maps“) doesn’t exist anymore and was moved into the main Read More

A note about syslog-ng embedded log paths and the final flag

I’ve just spent some hours on investigating why the hell syslog-ng would log to two files while one logpath had the „final“-flag set. To share this lesson learned with you: The final-flag doesn’t do anything to embedded log statements. If you’ve read the syslog-ng handbook carefully (unlike me), you will already know this. Only top-level Read More