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Zimbra development path to 8.0

I’m currently busy migrating existing zimlets to Zimbra 8. Zimbra currently didn’t publish something regarding the development changes in their JavaScript-API, so I thought I’d share some. Here are the first things I’ve stumbled upon. ===== View handling ===== Zimbra introduced some kind of „view type“ and „view name“-distinction in Zimbra 8, so for example Read More

From Joomla to Dokuwiki

I have some old sites running on Joomla below the magical 1.5 release. That’s sad, I know. And insecure and all. I know. Last week I started checking out the options to migrate to 1.5 and was **horrified**. What? Update to the latest 1.0-version from old, unknown sources, because Joomla doesn’t offer 1.0-versions officially anymore? Read More