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Building a Zimbra Server Extension using Maven

I’m currently working on a project for a customer involving several parts for Zimbra (well, whaddya know?) – one is a server extension. And I’d like to have the features, Maven brings in my workflow. The problem is, that Zimbra isn’t really made to be used in Maven. The components you need to create server Read More

Hello js-zimbra, Goodbye Zimbra!

As I’m currently rewriting most of my scripts here from Python to JavaScript (see this blog post), I also needed a JavaScript-version of the Python zimbra library. So I wrote one. This one is available through npm and, again, simplifies the workflow authenticating and communicating with the Zimbra SOAP Api. The library, however, is no Read More

Logging in Zimbra Extensions

If you’re developing Zimbra extensions and have perhaps read my post about Zimbra Server debugging, you might be wondering about how to use logging in your extension.

Read More

Zimbra community’s adopted zimlets compatible with 8.5

The adopted zimlet available in the [[https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/adopted|Zimbra community repository]] all now officially Zimbra Collaboration Server 8.5 now. „All“, however, is the wrong word. There are two exceptions: * The [[https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/adopted/tree/master/ca_uoguelph_ccs_coloredemailsplus|“Colored E-Mails“ zimlet]] doesn’t work in 8.5, because of a missing functionality. I’ve created bug [[https://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=95344|95344]] at Zimbra about this * I will deprecate the [[https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/adopted/tree/master/com_zimbra_linkedin|Linkedin-Zimlet]], Read More

The road to Zimbra 8.5

I’m currently migrating my 8.0.6 (yes, I skipped the 8.0.7 for no apparent reason!) setup to the current 8.5 and these are some notes about the changes I found: ===== Systems administrators ===== * The localconfig-variable „postfix_virtual_alias_maps“ (that allows you to alter the postfix setting „virtual_alias_maps“) doesn’t exist anymore and was moved into the main Read More

Restoring Zimbra Blobs from lost+found

//**AAAARGHHH!**// After a pretty nasty working expansion of the raid system of our production Zimbra server, fsck went berserk on our ext3 filesystem and reported missing inode links in various places (say „15367“ inodes). „Thankfully“ only our hsm-storage was affected. HSM is Zimbra’s way of automatically moving old messages to a cheaper and slower storage. Read More

Universal (and working) method for handling keyboard shortcuts in Zimbra Zimlets

You may have read my previous ramblings about the theme of handling keyboard shortcuts im Zimbra Zimlets. To sum up: it’s not easy. But that’s not actually a Zimbra bug. It’s more of an architectural problem. You can imagine Zimbra’s shortcut handling as a set of layers. There is a default key handler. That is Read More

Handling keyboard shortcuts in Zimbra Zimlets – Revisited

**WARNING!** This method doesn’t work. Well, it works actually but disables all other shortcuts, so don’t do it. I’m currently working on finding a working method. I’ll keep you posted. This post is a followup of [this blog post](http://dennis.dieploegers.de/handling-keyboard-shortcuts-in-zimbra-zimlets/). The old post was based on Zimbra 6.x. We’re at 8.0.4 by the time of this Read More

Zimbra development path to 8.0

I’m currently busy migrating existing zimlets to Zimbra 8. Zimbra currently didn’t publish something regarding the development changes in their JavaScript-API, so I thought I’d share some. Here are the first things I’ve stumbled upon. ===== View handling ===== Zimbra introduced some kind of „view type“ and „view name“-distinction in Zimbra 8, so for example Read More

Zimbra Server debugging

When you’re dealing with Zimbra Server Extensions, you occasionally have to have insight into what Zimbra’s actually doing with your code. So you need a way of remote debugging your extension. As I found out now, it’s pretty simple to achieve that. In your development Zimbra server as the Zimbra user go to /opt/zimbra/conf and copy Read More

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