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Promising to node-rest-client

I’m currently in love with Promises. Somehow, only now I get the main concept behind that and the benefits. Mainly, because most of the documentation is a bit too detailed about that. Let me sum it up for you: If you’re developing asynchronous Javascript (which you should be, when you’re actually developing Javascript!), most of Read More

Announcing SOCKO!

I’m currently working on automating our deployments and specifically automatically generating configuration files for different targets. I tried using Puppet for that (I mean, it’s a configuration management system), but failed, because the kind of configuration files we’re dealing with here is way too complex for it. I was basically searching for a framework, that renders multiple files Read More

Hello js-zimbra, Goodbye Zimbra!

As I’m currently rewriting most of my scripts here from Python to JavaScript (see this blog post), I also needed a JavaScript-version of the Python zimbra library. So I wrote one. This one is available through npm and, again, simplifies the workflow authenticating and communicating with the Zimbra SOAP Api. The library, however, is no Read More

Zimbra development path to 8.0

I’m currently busy migrating existing zimlets to Zimbra 8. Zimbra currently didn’t publish something regarding the development changes in their JavaScript-API, so I thought I’d share some. Here are the first things I’ve stumbled upon. ===== View handling ===== Zimbra introduced some kind of „view type“ and „view name“-distinction in Zimbra 8, so for example Read More

Announcing the Dokuwiki Survey Plugin

A fellow asked the other day, wether Dokuwiki supports surveys. He was thinking of a way to guide our firstlevel to a series of questions to either solve a user problem or get enough information for second level. I told him, that I didn’t know it and looked in the [[http://www.dokuwiki.org/plugins|massive Dokuwiki plugin directory]]. But Read More

Three and a half options for Twitter to earn money

As Twitter, inc. doesn’t seem to get their heads around this topic themselves, let me take over and give them some options to gain some money for hosting Twitter. As all the stuff on my website is licensed under [[http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/|CC-SA 3.0]] they don’t even have to pay royalty fees to me if they want to Read More

Handling keyboard shortcuts in Zimbra Zimlets

This one took me even longer then the part with the tabs, but I finally got keyboard shortcuts in my own zimlet working. If you still don’t know, what zimbra is, read my [blog post about tab navigation in zimlet](http://dennis.dieploegers.de/tab-navigation-in-zimbra-zimlets/) to get to know it. Again following [[http://blog.zimbra.com/blog/archives/2006/09/look-ma-no-mouse-keyboard-navigation-and-shortcuts-in-the-zimbra-collaboration-suite-and-the-kabuki-ajax-toolkit.html|Ross Dargahi’s blog post]] I finally understood how Read More

Tab Navigation in Zimbra Zimlets

I fought hard with this one. Ross Dargahi wrote in the official [[http://blog.zimbra.com|Zimbra blog]] about the [[http://blog.zimbra.com/blog/archives/2006/09/look-ma-no-mouse-keyboard-navigation-and-shortcuts-in-the-zimbra-collaboration-suite-and-the-kabuki-ajax-toolkit.html|Keyboard navigation features]] in Kabuki, one of many names of the Zimbra javascript framework. In case you didn’t know: [[http://www.zimbra.com|Zimbra]] is a great groupware with open source building blocks and **a lot** of integration features. A „Zimlet“ is one Read More

Running jslint with rhino from the command line

I love **JSLint**. It’s a tool, that every language should have. It defines its own coding style, no doubt. But I like that style as its clean, crisp and small at a time. [[http://crockfordfacts.com/|Douglas Crockford]], the inventor of JSLint and living „Java Script machine“, has put up this wonderful little site, [[http://www.jslint.com]], around the Java-Script-Function Read More

Finding the right foreground color for a random background color

This is basically a reminder for myself, but perhaps other people might find that interesting as well: I’m currently working on the creation of a legend, that shows colors with a short token on them. These colors are user defined, so I don’t know at configuration time, what they are and I don’t want the Read More