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New website

Well… You know, I’ve always been an advocate for the wonderful Dokuwiki and used it as a CMS for my website. However, I found, that my website’s mostly about the blog and all other pages are constantly outdated. So I removed them and only kept the welcome page, the imprint (which I have to hosting Read More

August website cleanup

I’ve done some cleanup here and removed the bilingual setup as I noticed, that I’m only writing english posts. So I threw away all the clutter (although the german version of the CV is still reachable). And I made the people sad, who like my adaption of the zenlike template, because I switched to a Read More

Website redesign

Being online for a while now and getting more visitors in the last months, I found, that my website needed a redesign. I took the nice zenlike-style by [[http://nodethirtythree.com/|nodethirtythree design]] and wrapped up a dokuwiki-template around it. I really like it! It’s clear, strong, easy to read and somewhat sophisticated. After creating the template, I Read More