Month: Juni 2019

tflookup – Developer Diary Part 5

Dear Diary! MY LOOKUP APP WORKS! Yayy! Locally at least. But what good is a web app, if you can only enjoy it yourself? So I needed a way to deploy my app automatically (and for free). Luckily, Heroku is around. Heroku is a simple app hosting provider, which hosts very simple apps for free. Read More

tflookup – Developer Diary Part 4

Dear Diary! So I finished my REST service which will deliver my search results. But what good is that without an appealing frontend. After I was nearly blown away by the overwhelming good critics about Vue.js at last year’s enterjs I took the Vue-way immediately. I think, Vue is very easy compared to other frameworks Read More

tflookup – Developer Diary Part 3

Dear Diary! Now that I have a documentation index, I could write a server, that serves that index and searches it. That server will ultimately also deliver my frontend application, because I’m too lazy to do it the microservices way right now. The most easy and stable web server for Node I know today is Read More

tflookup – Developer Diary Part 2

Dear Diary! Hmmm… A lookup app. How could that work? I need a frontend obviously. And a backend, that does the heavy work. Frontend and backend should communicate through REST. What else? The backend should index the Terraform documentation Everything should be well tested of course First things first. The absolute basis for the whole Read More

tflookup – Developer Diary Part 1

Dear Diary! As a DevOps engineer (or SRE as the cool people call it) I’m working closely together with Terraform which is one more great open source based application from Hashicorp and allows to define an infrastructure in text files (read: „Infrastructure as code“) Terraform has a great and extensive documentation, especially for the things Read More