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ZmPublish is reborn

Perhaps you have heard of a little script of mine called „ZmPublish“, that publishes [[http://www.zimbra.com|Zimbra]] addressbooks to a LDAP server. If you do or if you’re interested now I’d like to tell you, that the old ZmPublish doesn’t exist anymore and it is **REBORN**. The old version used Zimbra’s REST interface to fetch VCards for Read More

Creating Zimbra Server Extensions Quickstart

I’m currently investigating on how to create a Zimbra server extension. In case you didn’t know already, Zimbra is a great groupware system, that can easily replace your Microsoft Exchange server. More about Zimbra can be found here: [[http://www.zimbra.com]]. What I’m thinking about is a Zimbra server handler, that can communicate with backend ERP systems Read More

Announcing: Zimbra script dropbox

According to my [[http://dennis.dieploegers.de/doku.php/my2cents/think_big_-_a_development_methodology|think big methodology]] I’m starting to drop and document some of my scripts and hacks I’m using while administering Zimbra in [[http://dennis.dieploegers.de/doku.php/article/zimbra_scripts|this wiki]]. This is partly for my own reference and partly for people who like to know how extreme and dirrrty bash scripting (or like I call it „pipeing“) works or Read More

Handling keyboard shortcuts in Zimbra Zimlets

This one took me even longer then the part with the tabs, but I finally got keyboard shortcuts in my own zimlet working. If you still don’t know, what zimbra is, read my [blog post about tab navigation in zimlet](http://dennis.dieploegers.de/tab-navigation-in-zimbra-zimlets/) to get to know it. Again following [[http://blog.zimbra.com/blog/archives/2006/09/look-ma-no-mouse-keyboard-navigation-and-shortcuts-in-the-zimbra-collaboration-suite-and-the-kabuki-ajax-toolkit.html|Ross Dargahi’s blog post]] I finally understood how Read More

Tab Navigation in Zimbra Zimlets

I fought hard with this one. Ross Dargahi wrote in the official [[http://blog.zimbra.com|Zimbra blog]] about the [[http://blog.zimbra.com/blog/archives/2006/09/look-ma-no-mouse-keyboard-navigation-and-shortcuts-in-the-zimbra-collaboration-suite-and-the-kabuki-ajax-toolkit.html|Keyboard navigation features]] in Kabuki, one of many names of the Zimbra javascript framework. In case you didn’t know: [[http://www.zimbra.com|Zimbra]] is a great groupware with open source building blocks and **a lot** of integration features. A „Zimlet“ is one Read More

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