Month: März 2021

Announcing EgoVenture

The past I’ve always been a big fan of the Carol Reed series of adventure games by MDNA games. In case you don’t know them: Carol’s a private detective solving cases in and around the Swedish town of Norrköping. The game mainly consists of a lot of professional-grade photographs that you wander through in perfect Read More

The third installment of my learning project

Prologue I have established some kind of „learning project“ some time ago. A fixed set of features of an application that I reapply to things I want to learn from time to time. The background of that application is that I’m using e-mail aliases for each service I subscribe to. So I have a different Read More

So I released an Adventure Game

Today AdventureX is a yearly conference for narrative games. This year (for obvious reasons) there was no conference. Instead, the organizers had the idea of a game jam. In case you don’t know, a game jam is something like a sprint in the developer world. It’s a defined time slot (of usually two weeks) in Read More

Feather > Sword

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash We’re living in a world of information overload. Do you know how they say, that the feather is mightier than the sword? Well, I’d like to add, that a gazillion of feathers lying around, some broken in two, some burned beyond recognition and some nails in a feather costume Read More