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Github Action for the Godot Asset library

Just a quick announcement: If somebody uses Github to store their assets for the Godot asset library, I created a Github actions to push new release to there. It depends on the Asset library REST API. Check it out: deep-entertainment / godot-asset-lib-action A github action to manage assets on the Godot asset lib Godot asset Read More

Announcing EgoVenture

The past I’ve always been a big fan of the Carol Reed series of adventure games by MDNA games. In case you don’t know them: Carol’s a private detective solving cases in and around the Swedish town of Norrköping. The game mainly consists of a lot of professional-grade photographs that you wander through in perfect Read More

The third installment of my learning project

Prologue I have established some kind of „learning project“ some time ago. A fixed set of features of an application that I reapply to things I want to learn from time to time. The background of that application is that I’m using e-mail aliases for each service I subscribe to. So I have a different Read More

So I released an Adventure Game

Today AdventureX is a yearly conference for narrative games. This year (for obvious reasons) there was no conference. Instead, the organizers had the idea of a game jam. In case you don’t know, a game jam is something like a sprint in the developer world. It’s a defined time slot (of usually two weeks) in Read More

Feather > Sword

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash We’re living in a world of information overload. Do you know how they say, that the feather is mightier than the sword? Well, I’d like to add, that a gazillion of feathers lying around, some broken in two, some burned beyond recognition and some nails in a feather costume Read More

CloudControl 2.0.0-alpha1 (and how I learned Go)

As you might know, CloudControl is DoDevOps‘ cloud engineer toolbox, which supplies cloud engineers working in different clouds with common tools in an easy-to-deploy container environment suitable for multiple projects. I always wasn’t quite happy with CloudControl’s initialization process. It was very cluttered, didn’t point out the relevant information and… well, ugly. At first, I Read More

Announcing CloudControl – the cloud engineer’s toolbox ☁️ 🧰

We happen to be in a multitude of different projects at the same time. Switching from project to project is sometimes hard as the tooling and the configuration changes from project to project. Now in the days of cloud deployments, this can be narrowed down to just a bunch of tools like Terraform, Kubernetes or Read More

Managing integration systems using clone playbooks

You totally can test stuff, fix bugs and check out how to implement new features on production! If you’re a masochist, that is. Usually a production system is a no-no for anything development related. Even if bugs happen on production, the best practice is to reproduce those bug on systems other than production. These systems Read More

DevOps/SRE Fulltime Dortmund, Germany

About Us Hey! We’re a nice little team devoted to consult and support our mostly e-commerce-focused developer teams with DevOps-related hot stuff like automation, containerization, orchestration and cloud technologies. About The Opportunity We’re searching for a new team member, that has either an ops background and dev interest or vice versa. It’s a permanent, full Read More

tflookup – Developer diary Epilogue

Dear diary, it’s been some days since I wrote to you about my experience with creating a Terraform documentation lookup app and while I’m using tflookup on a daily, I noticed something. When I start my work in the morning and have the first interest in looking up some provider resource of Terraform, I naturally Read More

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