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Announcing Disclaimr – A mail disclaimer server

Mail footers tend to be a political, rather then a technical thing. Especially in germany, where federal laws tell you to include certain information into your mail footer, this is a major headache for every company. When things change, everybody has to alter the footer with a large number of users forgetting that. Additionally, marketing Read More

Zimbra community’s adopted zimlets compatible with 8.5

The adopted zimlet available in the [[|Zimbra community repository]] all now officially Zimbra Collaboration Server 8.5 now. „All“, however, is the wrong word. There are two exceptions: * The [[|“Colored E-Mails“ zimlet]] doesn’t work in 8.5, because of a missing functionality. I’ve created bug [[|95344]] at Zimbra about this * I will deprecate the [[|Linkedin-Zimlet]], Read More

The road to Zimbra 8.5

I’m currently migrating my 8.0.6 (yes, I skipped the 8.0.7 for no apparent reason!) setup to the current 8.5 and these are some notes about the changes I found: ===== Systems administrators ===== * The localconfig-variable „postfix_virtual_alias_maps“ (that allows you to alter the postfix setting „virtual_alias_maps“) doesn’t exist anymore and was moved into the main Read More

Printing from Windows to a printer shared printer on a Mac

Last week I’ve set up my new home server based on a Mac Mini and obviously Mac OS X (Mavericks). What can I say? Like I expected, everything went like a breeze… Well, until I configured my wife’s PC laptop with Windows 7. I have shared the printer to all my Macs with no problem, Read More

August website cleanup

I’ve done some cleanup here and removed the bilingual setup as I noticed, that I’m only writing english posts. So I threw away all the clutter (although the german version of the CV is still reachable). And I made the people sad, who like my adaption of the zenlike template, because I switched to a Read More

Vectorized Twitter iconset

The guys at twitter created a basic set of icons for all developers using the Twitter api. It is located [[|on the Twitter developers site]]. However, they only provided very small version of the icons in a bitmap format. [[|Like this guy says]], developers need various other icon sizes and it’s kinda hard do create Read More

udev-Quick setup for pci-based persistent network rules

This is just a short one. Based on the short script found [[|in the linuxfromscratch-documentation]], I wrote this small script, that creates persistent network rules based on the pci bus. Just pipe the output to /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and edit the output there, if you want to do renaming. #!/bin/bash for dir in /sys/class/net/* ; do [ Read More

A note about syslog-ng embedded log paths and the final flag

I’ve just spent some hours on investigating why the hell syslog-ng would log to two files while one logpath had the „final“-flag set. To share this lesson learned with you: The final-flag doesn’t do anything to embedded log statements. If you’ve read the syslog-ng handbook carefully (unlike me), you will already know this. Only top-level Read More

Restoring Zimbra Blobs from lost+found

//**AAAARGHHH!**// After a pretty nasty working expansion of the raid system of our production Zimbra server, fsck went berserk on our ext3 filesystem and reported missing inode links in various places (say „15367“ inodes). „Thankfully“ only our hsm-storage was affected. HSM is Zimbra’s way of automatically moving old messages to a cheaper and slower storage. Read More

Creating a DHCP HA-cluster on Ubuntu

===== Basics ===== I’m currently fiddling around with high availability on Linux. I haven’t done this before, but a colleague of mine pointed me towards [[|Pacemaker]] together with [[|Corosync]] (to keep things short: corosync keeps the cluster nodes in sync and pacemaker stops/starts/monitors services on the nodes). I’d like to walk you through a fairly Read More

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