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Your good, twitter. Stay that way.

I recently read an article by german Internet-nuisance [[|Sascha Lobo]] about [[|Google+]] in comparison to [[|facebook]]. You can read that (german) article [[,1518,772656,00.html|here]] and a probably very badly translated version [[,1518,772656,00.html&usg=ALkJrhh0VD0YdoZTHf988TijXm-C0gKo6g|here]]. But that’s not, what caught my eye. There was a reference to an article by german blogger and some kind of director of social Read More

From Joomla to Dokuwiki

I have some old sites running on Joomla below the magical 1.5 release. That’s sad, I know. And insecure and all. I know. Last week I started checking out the options to migrate to 1.5 and was **horrified**. What? Update to the latest 1.0-version from old, unknown sources, because Joomla doesn’t offer 1.0-versions officially anymore? Read More

Announcing: Zimbra script dropbox

According to my [[|think big methodology]] I’m starting to drop and document some of my scripts and hacks I’m using while administering Zimbra in [[|this wiki]]. This is partly for my own reference and partly for people who like to know how extreme and dirrrty bash scripting (or like I call it „pipeing“) works or Read More

Handling keyboard shortcuts in Zimbra Zimlets

This one took me even longer then the part with the tabs, but I finally got keyboard shortcuts in my own zimlet working. If you still don’t know, what zimbra is, read my [blog post about tab navigation in zimlet]( to get to know it. Again following [[|Ross Dargahi’s blog post]] I finally understood how Read More

Tab Navigation in Zimbra Zimlets

I fought hard with this one. Ross Dargahi wrote in the official [[|Zimbra blog]] about the [[|Keyboard navigation features]] in Kabuki, one of many names of the Zimbra javascript framework. In case you didn’t know: [[|Zimbra]] is a great groupware with open source building blocks and **a lot** of integration features. A „Zimlet“ is one Read More

Running jslint with rhino from the command line

I love **JSLint**. It’s a tool, that every language should have. It defines its own coding style, no doubt. But I like that style as its clean, crisp and small at a time. [[|Douglas Crockford]], the inventor of JSLint and living „Java Script machine“, has put up this wonderful little site, [[]], around the Java-Script-Function Read More

SSH public key distribution with dokuwiki and lbows

That’s an interesting title, eh? You wonder „ssh public key distribution“ with **dokuwiki**? Yes. Keep reading. **Task**: Create a simple and lean SSH key distribution solution for multiple linux-servers. Do this quick and don’t spend much time doing it. **Why**: We need a simple solution to distribute ssh public keys of people allowed to access Read More

Website redesign

Being online for a while now and getting more visitors in the last months, I found, that my website needed a redesign. I took the nice zenlike-style by [[|nodethirtythree design]] and wrapped up a dokuwiki-template around it. I really like it! It’s clear, strong, easy to read and somewhat sophisticated. After creating the template, I Read More

Finding the right foreground color for a random background color

This is basically a reminder for myself, but perhaps other people might find that interesting as well: I’m currently working on the creation of a legend, that shows colors with a short token on them. These colors are user defined, so I don’t know at configuration time, what they are and I don’t want the Read More

Think big – a development methodology

In case you read my recent tweet and don’t know what I’m talking about: Let me break it down for you. In my years of experience in the development field of work being a systems administrator/developer hybrid the one thing I learned the hardest was: Think big! This means, that you’ll have to not only Read More

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