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Data quality scanning for RackTables

[[|RackTables]] is a wonderful, free tool for documenting datacenters. It’s very flexible and robust and versatile. However, it’s a manual documenting tool. So there has to be a person responsible for documentation that needs to actually **do** something. In our hectic IT world and especially with the ever-changing cloud infrastructures, documentation can quickly be out Read More

skd is released and gets an appliance

**skd**, a software I told you in [this blogpost]( about, has now been released as version „1.0b“, being the first public release. The software is considered beta (thus the „b“-suffix) so all features have been included, but some errors still can occur. For easy deployment I wrapped up a virtual appliance in ova-format, which you Read More

Easy SSH public key distribution

Being in touch with unixoid servers I quite know my way around SSH. It’s as important as your daily dose of water to be able to authenticate to servers via the SSH protocol. However, a SSH-environment isn’t known to be easy when it comes to maintenance. And being a security protocol, that’s quite a pity. Read More

Zimbra Server debugging

When you’re dealing with Zimbra Server Extensions, you occasionally have to have insight into what Zimbra’s actually doing with your code. So you need a way of remote debugging your extension. As I found out now, it’s pretty simple to achieve that. In your development Zimbra server as the Zimbra user go to /opt/zimbra/conf and copy Read More

DHCP Commit Reporting

We have a rather large DHCP-Setup here consisting of several subnets, ranges, groups and such. Additionally we’re using static assignments here with hosts not within any configured range. Yeah, I know, that’s not DHCP in its pure form, get over it. However, as we redesigned the complete setup with a fresh new and optimized configuration Read More

Creating a SSL HTTP server in Python

I’m currently investigating the use of the HTTP-Server capabilities of Python. While simple HTTP works like a charm, I was wondering on how to embed SSL into that. I came across an ActiveState recipe by Sebastien Martini located here: [[]] However, that thing didn’t work. At least not on my mac. What did work was Read More

ZmPublish is reborn

Perhaps you have heard of a little script of mine called „ZmPublish“, that publishes [[|Zimbra]] addressbooks to a LDAP server. If you do or if you’re interested now I’d like to tell you, that the old ZmPublish doesn’t exist anymore and it is **REBORN**. The old version used Zimbra’s REST interface to fetch VCards for Read More

Windows Printer Report

Urgh. This is ugly, but I needed this for work. Imagine the following chain of information for a Windows print server: -> -> -> Now, deconfiguring a print server and moving its printers to another one I wanted to know which printer share has which IP-address to see, if that share’s already on the other Read More

vm2host for vSphere 4

I recently twittered about a neat little new script of mine called hostForVm, which tells you on which host a specific vm runs or which vms run on a specific host. Done using [[|python]],[[|suds]] and the [[|vSphere Web SDK]]. The script is available at github: [[]] One thing to note: If you use the script Read More

Easy copying sourcecode to remote using Eclipse Program Builder

For those of us NOT using Eclipse for Java but for these evil languages called „script languages“ like PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript etc. Eclipse nowadays still lacks some features, but also has some good advantages against using things like vi. If you’re like me using Eclipse because you’re dealing with a lot of different languages Read More

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