Month: Januar 2011

SSH public key distribution with dokuwiki and lbows

That’s an interesting title, eh? You wonder „ssh public key distribution“ with **dokuwiki**? Yes. Keep reading. **Task**: Create a simple and lean SSH key distribution solution for multiple linux-servers. Do this quick and don’t spend much time doing it. **Why**: We need a simple solution to distribute ssh public keys of people allowed to access Read More

Website redesign

Being online for a while now and getting more visitors in the last months, I found, that my website needed a redesign. I took the nice zenlike-style by [[|nodethirtythree design]] and wrapped up a dokuwiki-template around it. I really like it! It’s clear, strong, easy to read and somewhat sophisticated. After creating the template, I Read More

Finding the right foreground color for a random background color

This is basically a reminder for myself, but perhaps other people might find that interesting as well: I’m currently working on the creation of a legend, that shows colors with a short token on them. These colors are user defined, so I don’t know at configuration time, what they are and I don’t want the Read More