Sketch Units Plugin 2.0.0-rc.1 available

In case you didn’t know, Sketch is an awesome vector,pixel, umm… „vecxel“ design application for macOS. You can use it to design mockups, icons, screens and far more. Sketch can be extended using plugins written in Javascript with a quite ugly mix of Cocoa baked in (made possible by Mocha and CocoaScript). Some days ago Read More

A simple htpasswd file management using Puppet

I just came across a task, that I thought would be the usual daily duty for every Puppet administrator: Managing users in a htpasswd file. For whatever reason, this is neither supported in the fairly official Apache module nor via a puppet user resource – or it isn’t documented well. However, the apache module contains a Read More

MacOS Window Management using Hammerspoon

Using a macOS laptop with various available screen configurations is cumbersome. MacOS tries its best to reset the application windows to the state the screens were attached last time, but some vendors seem to find ways to break that feature. And there currently is no good window manager available, who supports windows on multiple spaces Read More

Hello, InvoicePlane!

I recently got an E-Mail from my invoicing software provider, saying that they will be discontinuing their 5.95€ per month rate and in exchange will put me on the 9,95€ per month rate with additional features I didn’t actually need. That was enough pressure to make my rounds on the open source market for invoicing Read More

Socko 2.0.0 is out – dawn of a platform

Socko 2.0.0 has officially landed. After some weeks of development and production testing it is time to give 2.0.0 a go. And with this release, the main Socko-package isn’t alone anymore. It has become a platform and consists of packages like js-hierarchy: The main tree wrangler file-hierarchy: A js-hierarchy implementation for the file system socko-converter-file: Read More

Container configuration management

So I recently dived into container schedulers (like Kubernetes, DC/OS (Mesos) or Docker Swarm Mode). You know, all the stuff the cool kids talk about. And truth be told, I really liked the ephemeral nature of it all – and using things like Terraform really makes setup a breeze (once you leaped over the „fundamentals“ learning curve). Read More

An automated API generation for the IntelliJ platform

If you haven’t noticed: I already published a plugin for the IntelliJ platform of IDEs by Jetbrains. Developing for the IntelliJ platform is sometimes a bit hard, because I’m used to have a API-documentation for reference, but somehow Jetbrains didn’t provide one for the platform. Looking at their sources over at github, I found, that Read More

Proper hierarchy management for Node, Typescript and the Browser

You probably know these times, where you look at an old project (even if it’s just a year old) and get the urge for refactoring – or even rewriting. Socko is such a project. Socko was crafted together in a short time, refactored to at least make it a bit more manageable and released. Now, Read More

A better Teamcity REST Api documentation

Jetbrains Teamcity is a brilliant continuous integration and deployment platform. Being a modern platform, it also provides a REST api. But sadly, the API documentation is, well… something. But it seems, as if Jetbrains is getting there. There’s an undocumented endpoint in the API, that provides a swagger API description file. So, until Jetbrains hosts Read More

Promising to node-rest-client

I’m currently in love with Promises. Somehow, only now I get the main concept behind that and the benefits. Mainly, because most of the documentation is a bit too detailed about that. Let me sum it up for you: If you’re developing asynchronous Javascript (which you should be, when you’re actually developing Javascript!), most of Read More

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