Proper hierarchy management for Node, Typescript and the Browser

You probably know these times, where you look at an old project (even if it’s just a year old) and get the urge for refactoring – or even rewriting. Socko is such a project. Socko was crafted together in a short time, refactored to at least make it a bit more manageable and released. Now, Read More

A better Teamcity REST Api documentation

Jetbrains Teamcity is a brilliant continuous integration and deployment platform. Being a modern platform, it also provides a REST api. But sadly, the API documentation is, well… something. But it seems, as if Jetbrains is getting there. There’s an undocumented endpoint in the API, that provides a swagger API description file. So, until Jetbrains hosts Read More

Promising to node-rest-client

I’m currently in love with Promises. Somehow, only now I get the main concept behind that and the benefits. Mainly, because most of the documentation is a bit too detailed about that. Let me sum it up for you: If you’re developing asynchronous Javascript (which you should be, when you’re actually developing Javascript!), most of Read More

Flying high on iCal files

I’m responsible for taking out the trash. Yes, this is a cliché, I admit it. But it is like it is. The problem with that isn’t the trash itself, but rather that I’m really bad with remembering dates. But luckily, my home town’s disposal company offers an iCal download of the pickup dates on their website. Read More

Packer with base images

…or: How I made Puppetdev. I don’t like making things twice. You could call that „innovative“ or „efficient“. Basically, it’s just laziness. For Puppetdev, which is built using Packer, I needed base images, so I wouldn’t have to cope with ISO urls, kickstart files and such. Luckily, the wonderful guys at boxcutter provide Packer templates Read More

Easy puppet testing with Vagrant

We’re using Puppet to automate many tasks and – together with other components – allow continuous delivery. However, testing puppet manifests, Hiera settings and installing puppet modules can be tedious – especially when you want to test on a clean system each time. Announcing „puppetdev“, a Vagrant box for easily doing those things: Install puppet modules Read More

Building a Zimbra Server Extension using Maven

I’m currently working on a project for a customer involving several parts for Zimbra (well, whaddya know?) – one is a server extension. And I’d like to have the features, Maven brings in my workflow. The problem is, that Zimbra isn’t really made to be used in Maven. The components you need to create server Read More

Announcing SOCKO!

I’m currently working on automating our deployments and specifically automatically generating configuration files for different targets. I tried using Puppet for that (I mean, it’s a configuration management system), but failed, because the kind of configuration files we’re dealing with here is way too complex for it. I was basically searching for a framework, that renders multiple files Read More

Converting nbz to d64 on Mac

The very specific title of this post should lure Mac users here, that have read about the C64 preservation project releasing tons of C64 disk images and downloaded the stuff just to see, that most of the images are in the nbz format, which seems to be a compressed version of the raw conversion format from the old 1541 II-disk Read More

Hello js-zimbra, Goodbye Zimbra!

As I’m currently rewriting most of my scripts here from Python to JavaScript (see this blog post), I also needed a JavaScript-version of the Python zimbra library. So I wrote one. This one is available through npm and, again, simplifies the workflow authenticating and communicating with the Zimbra SOAP Api. The library, however, is no Read More

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