Using a Confluence page as a base page for a user macro

If you’re using Confluence (like I do at work) and have been digging around the user macros feature, this might be something for you.

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Using on a Mac

If you like the nice curses based „Finder“ from the unix world called „Midnight commander“ and would like to use the supplied, that changes the current working directory to mc’s last selected one, you’re a bit lost on the Mac platform, because it doesn’t work. (I’ve installed mc using the wonderful Homebrew) Why? Interesting you ask. Read More

Logging in Zimbra Extensions

If you’re developing Zimbra extensions and have perhaps read my post about Zimbra Server debugging, you might be wondering about how to use logging in your extension.

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Goodbye, skd!

I'm going to discontinue [skd](, though it has never reached a productive version. I'm sorry. skd was born out of the idea of a small and easy way for a very basic configuration management. However, tools like [Puppet]( or [Ansible]( are doing a much better job at it and everybody's using them, so skd has Read More

New website

Well… You know, I've always been an advocate for the wonderful [Dokuwiki]( and used it as a CMS for my website. However, I found, that my website's mostly about the blog and all other pages are constantly outdated. So I removed them and only kept the welcome page, the imprint (which I have to hosting Read More

Announcing Disclaimr – A mail disclaimer server

Mail footers tend to be a political, rather then a technical thing. Especially in germany, where federal laws tell you to include certain information into your mail footer, this is a major headache for every company. When things change, everybody has to alter the footer with a large number of users forgetting that. Additionally, marketing Read More

Zimbra community’s adopted zimlets compatible with 8.5

The adopted zimlet available in the [[|Zimbra community repository]] all now officially Zimbra Collaboration Server 8.5 now. „All“, however, is the wrong word. There are two exceptions: * The [[|“Colored E-Mails“ zimlet]] doesn’t work in 8.5, because of a missing functionality. I’ve created bug [[|95344]] at Zimbra about this * I will deprecate the [[|Linkedin-Zimlet]], Read More

The road to Zimbra 8.5

I’m currently migrating my 8.0.6 (yes, I skipped the 8.0.7 for no apparent reason!) setup to the current 8.5 and these are some notes about the changes I found: ===== Systems administrators ===== * The localconfig-variable „postfix_virtual_alias_maps“ (that allows you to alter the postfix setting „virtual_alias_maps“) doesn’t exist anymore and was moved into the main Read More

Printing from Windows to a printer shared printer on a Mac

Last week I’ve set up my new home server based on a Mac Mini and obviously Mac OS X (Mavericks). What can I say? Like I expected, everything went like a breeze… Well, until I configured my wife’s PC laptop with Windows 7. I have shared the printer to all my Macs with no problem, Read More

August website cleanup

I’ve done some cleanup here and removed the bilingual setup as I noticed, that I’m only writing english posts. So I threw away all the clutter (although the german version of the CV is still reachable). And I made the people sad, who like my adaption of the zenlike template, because I switched to a Read More

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