Hello js-zimbra, Goodbye Zimbra!

As I’m currently rewriting most of my scripts here from Python to JavaScript (see this blog post), I also needed a JavaScript-version of the Python zimbra library.

So I wrote one.

This one is available through npm and, again, simplifies the workflow authenticating and communicating with the Zimbra SOAP Api. The library, however, is no rewrite of the Python one as it does a few things different and also leaves out the support for XML based requests and responses.

So, this post marks the release of the first beta of js-zimbra. Grab it at npm and visit its github home.

At the same time this post sadly marks my leaving from the Zimbra community. I left the operating department in our company and my private Zimbra customer told me, that he will not invest much more in Zimbra for the time to come. Thus, my support in and contribution to the Zimbra community will probably slowly vanish.

Let me take the time to thank Zimbra and the community for the fun in the last years. I had a great time!

Having said that, I desperately call out for support! If anybody is interested in managing any of the Zimbra-Community repositories (Python-Zimbra, js-zimbra and the adopted-zimlets) and/or might want to adopt – my – own – Zimlets, please reach out to me.

I wish Zimbra and its whole community best of luck and a bright future.


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