New website

Well… You know, I’ve always been an advocate for the wonderful Dokuwiki and used it as a CMS for my website.

However, I found, that my website’s mostly about the blog and all other pages are constantly outdated. So I removed them and only kept the welcome page, the imprint (which I have to hosting a site in germany) and the blog.

And, well, the blog… Dokuwiki’s blogging engine is not… adequate. The presentation of posts is not very consistent and readable.

So, I thought about ditching Dokuwiki for the site and use… Okay, I use wordpress now. (Phew. Now it’s out.)

WordPress’s really good when it comes to blogging, is responsive and has some basic cms features, which can be extended through plugins.

It was very easy to setup and I can finally blog nicely in Markdown, which is my favourite markup language currently.

So, Dokuwiki fans, please bare with me. I’ll always be true, but sometimes Dokuwiki just doesn’t cut it.

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