Month: Dezember 2014

Goodbye, skd!

I'm going to discontinue [skd](, though it has never reached a productive version. I'm sorry. skd was born out of the idea of a small and easy way for a very basic configuration management. However, tools like [Puppet]( or [Ansible]( are doing a much better job at it and everybody's using them, so skd has Read More

New website

Well… You know, I've always been an advocate for the wonderful [Dokuwiki]( and used it as a CMS for my website. However, I found, that my website's mostly about the blog and all other pages are constantly outdated. So I removed them and only kept the welcome page, the imprint (which I have to hosting Read More

Announcing Disclaimr – A mail disclaimer server

Mail footers tend to be a political, rather then a technical thing. Especially in germany, where federal laws tell you to include certain information into your mail footer, this is a major headache for every company. When things change, everybody has to alter the footer with a large number of users forgetting that. Additionally, marketing Read More